Khmer Traditional Wedding Dress

These are the traditional dress for bride and groom to wear during their wedding ceremony that follow the Ancient Khmer style. They looks awesome Tweet


Khmer Traditional Dress For Women

Generally, these dress is worn by Cambodian women to join any traditional ceremony as well as religious event too. You also can wear these dress to join the Wedding reception. You will found a lot of women wearing this to pagoda on Khmer New Year days as well as Pchum Ben Day, which are the […]


Khmer Modern Dress For Women

These dress are worn by Cambodian Women almost everywhere in the party as well as wedding party or so. This really add so much value to thier natural beauty. Tweet

Beautiful Khmer Women Hair Style

These are some of the best looking hair styles from Cambodian women. Those style is really good for you for joining any party or event in Cambodia. I hope you like those style (Click on each picture to zoom for big view) Tweet